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Plastic Surgery Options for Men

At bodySCULPT® we offer a range of plastic surgery options for men who aspire to have an appealing personality. Surgical and non-invasive procedures are available to bring about alterations in various parts of the body that need correction and fat removal. Men can maintain the figure they desire with the efficient assistance of plastic surgeons at bodySCULPT®.

Plastic Surgery Options to Choose from

The following plastic surgery options are available for men at bodySCULPT®:

  • Liposuction
  • Buttock Enhancement
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Masculinity at its Best

Here at bodySCULPT®, we integrate cosmetic surgery and advanced technology to bring out the real man in you. Our plastic surgeons Dr Spero J Theodorou and Christopher T Chia, are specialized in providing male plastic surgery procedures to enhance your appearance and give you that cherished manly look.

Advanced Methods for Removing Stubborn Body Fat

Fat is a harassing problem faced by men and surplus body fat can be easily eliminated through the innovative techniques at bodySCULPT®. We offer highly advanced methods for removing stubborn body fat, utilizing:

  • SmartLipo Triplex (Laser assisted liposuction)
  • BodyTite (Radiofrequency assisted liposuction)
  • VASERlipo (Ultrasonic assisted liposuction)

These devices are ideal to get rid of excess fat and tighten the skin in various parts of your body including abdomen, breasts, flanks, hips, buttocks, back, knees and more. Plastic surgeons here design a customized treatment plan and focus on enhancing your looks, keeping in mind that you get the best care and treatment.

Contact bodySCULPT® Now

Schedule a consultation with one of our trained plastic surgeons. Experience a sense of well being and stand out among others with your new improved looks. For scheduling a consultation and to know more about our plastic surgery options available for men, call 1-800-282-7285 or email us at info@bodysculpt.com.

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Plastic Surgery for Men