Nose Surgery

A central feature of the face, the nose plays a key role in creating facial balance along with the eyes, ears, lips and chin. Even mild asymmetry or disharmony of the nose in relation to other facial features can affect facial aesthetics, while structural abnormalities can cause breathing problems. An AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice, bodySCULPT® provides nose surgery in Manhattan, NYC to address both aesthetic and medical concerns related to the nose. At our practice, nose surgery is performed by skilled surgeons who have extensive experience in facial cosmetic surgery.

Rhinoplasty in New York City – Achieve Natural-looking Results

Nose surgery uses reduction, enhancement or refinement to improve nasal appearance and/or function. Our surgeons utilize state-of-the-art techniques to refine the shape, angle, width, tip, and structure of the nose. Our Manhattan rhinoplasty procedures can fix:

  • Aesthetic issues
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Poor results from previous rhinoplasty

Our rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC work with patients to provide customized, natural-looking results.

Nose Surgery Procedures

Here are some of the surgical procedures we perform:

  • Narrowing of the dorsum ( infracture of the nasal bone)
  • Tip elevation (anterior cartilage trimming and repositioning)
  • Correction of breathing (septoplasty, turbinectomy)
  • Revision rhinoplasty – correction of problems arising from a previous nose surgery

We also provide nasal surgery in NYC to correct nasal issues and defects caused by accidents or trauma, or simple congenital defects. We may advise a face lift or chin surgery if we feel that it could enhance the patient’s facial balance. Chin implant treatment can be performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty to correct a weak or recessive chin.

Towards Complete Patient Satisfaction

Ensuring maximum patient satisfaction is a top priority at bodySCULPT®. Before the procedure, we give our patients a clear understanding of the extent of change possible, as well as the risks, limitations, benefits and expenses involved. Patients can freely discuss their personal goals with our plastic surgeon. Based on the individual physiology, concerns, and goals, our experts will develop a customized treatment program.

Our surgeons work to ensure that incisions and scars are hidden or only minimally visible. Candidates may experience swelling and bruising of the eyes and upper cheeks, which is normal. This will subside within 10–14 days. We are here to help you if you have any concerns during recovery.

Contact Us

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