Neck Lift

An established AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery group in Manhattan, New York City (NYC), bodySCULPT® offers effective neck lift procedures using the latest minimally invasive techniques. Our plastic surgeons have vast experience in this delicate cosmetic surgical procedure that defines the jaw line, reshapes the face, and results in a more youthful, well-defined neck angle.

Neck Lift Surgery to Rejuvenate Your Neck

The deep lines and sagging skin that develop on the neck are obvious signs of aging that are difficult to conceal. Weight loss and hereditary factors can also cause the neck muscles to separate and sag, and create bands. Our advanced procedures can effectively remove the excess or sagging skin under the jaw line and in the neck area to correct many neck anomalies:

  • Jowls or fat deposits under the jaw line
  • Sheet of muscles under the skin of the throat
  • Drooping or sagging skin
  • Turkey wattle neck
  • Platysma (neck banding)
  • Weakened or loose neck muscles

Procedures Offered

Based on the extent of laxity and correction required, our surgeons will determine the appropriate neck lift approach. The various procedures we offer are

  • Cervicoplasty – removes excess skin from the neck
  • Platysmaplasty – removes or makes changes in your neck muscles
  • Liposuction – removes excess fat deposits
  • Botox injections – addresses the horizontal lines or bands on the neck

We also offer Kybella, the FDA-approved injectable treatment to address excess fat under the chin. It involves minimal downtime and results are permanent.

Customized Solutions

After a detailed analysis of your condition and proper planning, the plastic surgeons at bodySCULPT® provide customized procedures. Prior to the surgery, you will be informed of all aspects, including results, risks and expenses involved. Most procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. We are focused on patient safety and make every effort to make your surgical experience as comfortable as possible.

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